Is Your Home Safe From Poisonous Radon Gas?

Is Your Home Safe From Poisonous Radon Gas?

Find out with radon testing in the Matthews, Waxhaw & Charlotte, NC area

Few home problems are more dangerous than radon. This hidden threat hangs in the air within a home and puts residents at risk of illness or death. With proper radon testing, however, this gas can be caught early and reduced to acceptable levels.

Hire a team of experts for a radon inspection at your home. The ECI Inspections crew will install a 48-hour testing device to check radon levels everywhere in your house. Once we know if there's an issue, we can guide you to the professionals who can safeguard your home.

Ensure that your Matthews, NC-area home is secure from deadly radon. Email us now to set up a testing session.

What you may not know about radon

While radon testing has grown in popularity over the past decade, many people don't know much about the gas. Radon...

  • Is odorless and colorless, making it very hard to detect without the right tools
  • Forms through natural radioactive decay of uranium in water, soil and rocks
  • Can be found in every state and region within the United States
It's essential to get a radon inspection for your home from time to time. Speak to the experts at ECI Inspections to schedule a testing date for your Matthews, NC home.