Mold Testing Matthews NC

Detect a Mold Problem Early

Look to us for professional mold testing in Matthews, Waxhaw & Charlotte, NC and beyond

It's very tough to prevent mold from forming inside your home. With so many damp and dark spaces, the best you can do is get a mold inspection to stop the growth before it gets out of hand. That's where ECI Inspections comes in.

Our crew has all the tools and knowledge necessary to seek out mold wherever it may hide. Our experts can find the beginnings of a mold problem or discover a major source of mold so you can take action quickly.

Speak with our agents today to schedule your next mold testing. We serve Matthews, NC and the entire Charlotte, NC region.

Trust our comprehensive mold testing process

So, what's involved with a mold inspection? When you hire the experts for mold testing at your Matthews, NC home, our team will:

  • Inspect common damp and dark areas
  • Take samples of any found material
  • Test samples and the air for mold spores
Don't risk having a small mold issue grow into something worse. Catch the problem early with thorough mold testing from ECI Inspections. Call 704-228-3142 to schedule a mold test.